Agora PME: Intelligent and efficient ERP solution dedicated to the digitalized management of SMEs or service companies.

Discover some of the many benefits you can enjoy with the Agora PME software suite.

Entirely designed and pre-configured to meet the operational specificities of any type of SME or service company, Agora PME offers a wide range of advanced features as standard, guaranteeing easy and efficient management of all your company's activities.

Project follow-up

Benefit from a computerized follow-up of the projects in progress and appreciate, in real time, their situation and evolution.

Offers & Invoices

Create your offers, orders, invoices and contracts using Word templates that you can fully customize yourself.

Electronic Document Management

Centralise the management of your documents with our reliable and intuitive EDM solution offering the possibility to search and access your files in a few clicks.


Enter your services easily with our Timesheets module and its clever stopwatch feature.

Deadlines management

Take advantage of a detailed schedule with extensive features to manage all your deadlines and be prepared for each of your commitments.

SMEs & Service companies

Agora PME

The seamless integration of all modules allows you to automatically update your accounting and see the financial situation of a file at a glance. Additionally, all partners are able to view the available client information in real time.

Your data circulate easily, allowing you to optimise all your business processes, save precious time, avoid double entries or errors and save on potential extra development costs.

In addition, seamless integration with the Office 365 suite offers you, for example, the possibility of synchronising your deadlines with your Outlook calendar and creating all your documents (letters, invoices, etc.) in line with your corporate identity using Word templates.

Manage the organisation of your e-mails directly via Outlook. Thanks to integrated artificial intelligence tools such as machine learning, you can opt for a classification based on suggestions that are refined over time or benefit from a fully automated classification and find your e-mails directly in the right customer file.

Upon login, a fully customisable Dashboard allows you to see at a glance your recent activities and find your data clearly organised in a user-friendly environment with comparative graphs.

This software suite is available as stand-alone modules or fully integrated into a powerful, scalable package, ensuring a progressive expansion and investment.

Designed to make life easier for small and medium-sized businesses and service companies, this module optimizes the entire invoicing process within your company, from the offer to the order, right up to the preparation of your invoices and contracts.

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Manage all stages of the lifecycle of your digital documents in a completely centralised way, regardless of their type. E-mails, letters, PDFs, Word, Excel or Powerpoint are stored, indexed and accessible in no time.

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Take advantage of a detailed schedule with extensive features to manage all your deadlines in a convenient and user-friendly way. Benefit from a total synchronisation with your Outlook calendar, be constantly updated and ready for each of your commitments.

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This ISO 20022 certified module meets Swiss and European accounting requirements and allows you to centralise and monitor all your general accounting in one powerful tool.

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ISO 20022 certified, this module allows you to manage your accounts receivable in a meticulous and efficient way. Optimise all processes related to the payment of your services, from invoicing to collections, including the management of reminders and disputes.

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With ISO 20022 certification, this module handles all the accounting processes related to your suppliers. Manage all your payments in a rigorous manner thanks to a multitude of dedicated features that are as relevant as they are practical.

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This module with its advanced features allows you to analyse every accounting movement and to follow all the internal results of your company. It constitutes an autonomous accounting entity, independent of the financial accounts, in order to isolate the results from the tax accounts.

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Swissdec 4.0 approved and ISO 20022 certified, this payroll management module allows you to process an unlimited number of salaries in a fluid and efficient way thanks to a wide range of features that can be fully configured according to the needs of your company.

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Powerful and ergonomic, this module handles all types of absence requests. Vacations or sick leave are administered effortlessly from their request to their validation. View their status, counts and generate reports at a glance according to your needs. Download the pdf