Swissdec approved and ISO 20022 certified, this payroll management module allows you to process an unlimited number of salaries in a fluid and efficient way thanks to a wide range of features that can be fully configured according to the needs of your company.



Regardless of the industry, payroll processing is a complex activity that requires accuracy and attention to detail.

Our dedicated application efficiently manages all data and processes related to your staff, salaries and social benefits. Simplify your payroll management while ensuring your company’s compliance with legal obligations in terms of human resources management.

Automatically establish your statements and generate payslips including all social deductions such as AVS, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance and LPP.

ISO 20022-certified, the standard governing the exchange of electronic data between financial institutions, our solution allows the automation of salary payments via XML files.

In addition, as this module is Swissdec approved, you can draw up attestations, annual statements or salary certificates that are fully compatible with this quality label.

Finally, full integration with our general accounting module is guaranteed. However, the generation of accounting journals for transfer to third-party general accounting is also supported.

To discover the key features of this module, please download the PDF.