Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

ISO 20022 certified, this module allows you to manage your accounts receivable in a meticulous and efficient way. Optimise all processes related to the payment of your services, from invoicing to collections, including the management of reminders and disputes.

Accounts Receivable


Designed to help you centrally and automatically track all client transactions, optimise cash management, and minimise the risk of loss of receivables, this module is a key element for comprehensive financial management of all your debtors.

ISO 20022 certified, our accounts receivable application is perfectly adapted to the requirements of all types of companies wishing to equip themselves with a reliable and efficient solution.

Create client files containing all the information needed for the administrative processes related to invoicing. Track invoices issued, payments received, client account balances and past transactions.

Automate accounting tasks such as recording payments and discounts and generate detailed reports on clients and their receivables.

Our solution also provides full management of dunning and payment reminders for overdue invoices, as well as recording and tracking disputes for unpaid invoices.

This module is part of the Agora accounting suite and integrates seamlessly with the general and cost accounting and the accounts payable providing you with a powerful tool capable of managing all aspects of your accounting.

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