Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting

This module with its advanced features allows you to analyse every accounting movement and to follow all the internal results of your company. It constitutes an autonomous accounting entity, independent of the financial accounts, in order to isolate the results from the tax accounts.

Cost Accounting


Designed to help you analyse the costs and revenues associated with your activities, our cost accounting module is the essential tool for tracking expenses and incomes in detail and allocating them to different cost centres, projects, and sub-projects. Perform benchmarking and simulations to optimise your resource allocation.

Our solution integrates all the functionalities necessary for an in-depth analysis of your financial situation in order to guarantee an effective monitoring of all the internal results of your organisation and to facilitate your strategic decision making.

Set up your analytical chart of accounts describing all cost centres and their grouping structure and, if you wish, opt for a specific chart of accounts for each of them.

Define your budgets according to different modes, such as fixed or weighted monthly, fixed annual or automatically prorated to the results of the previous year or a reference item.

You can also generate detailed reports showing your operating statement, analytical details of all your movements, and a comparison of budgets between two financial years.

This module is part of the Agora accounting suite and integrates seamlessly with the general accounting, the accounts receivable and the accounts payable providing you with a powerful tool capable of managing all aspects of your accounting.

To discover the key features of this module, please download the PDF.