Mandates – Timesheets – Invoicing

Mandates – Timesheets – Invoicing

This module covers all the needs inherent to a fully digitalised management of your mandates, whatever your field of activity. Manage all your clients, enter all types of services, and draw up your invoices in a single, flexible, and integrated tool.

Mandates – Timesheets – Invoicing


This module is the cornerstone of your solution.

As soon as you log in to Agora, a dashboard that can be customised by each user is at your disposal. Much more than a homepage, it offers an overview of your entire activity in real time through the display of numerous information and comparative graphs. Quick access to the tasks you perform on a regular basis is also guaranteed thanks to dedicated shortcuts.

Build your client database and manage all aspects of their mandates. View and always stay informed about the accounting status of your current business. In addition, document management by mandate gives you direct access to all documents linked to ongoing mandates.

A comprehensive management of your customers’ contact details allows you, among other things, to define multiple invoicing or correspondence addresses. Integrated telephony also ensures that you can easily interact with each of them.

A Memo space lets you manage all the actions to be taken in relation to an ongoing mandate and allows you to take notes in a centralised manner.

Timesheets, which can be fully configured with the services and hourly rate of your choice, can be entered directly into a calendar or with the help of a timer that you can start at your convenience.

The invoicing process is facilitated by step-by-step assistance. Thus, any type of QR invoice based on Word templates can be created in a few clicks and adapted at any time.

Other business applications such as EDM, conflicts of interest or deadlines management can easily be added to this module according to the needs of your organisation.

To discover the key features of the “Mandates – Timesheets – Invoicing” module, please download the PDF.