General Accounting

General Accounting

This powerful module meets Swiss and European accounting requirements and allows you to centralise and monitor all your general accounting in a single tool.

General Accounting


Designed to help you record, track, and analyse all your company’s financial transactions, such as invoices, payments, overhead costs or any other operations, the General Accounting module is an essential element for the complete financial management of any business.

Our ISO 20022-certified application complies with Swiss and European accounting requirements and perfectly meets the highest market demands. The Agora accounting suite is widely used by trust companies and chartered accountants not only to cover their own management needs, but also those of their entire client base.

Our general accounting solution offers a complete range of features to ensure the optimal financial management of any type of organisation. It integrates a Swiss and European chart of accounts that can be fully configured. Simple and fast input of all types of entries with real-time balance visualization is guaranteed.

The intuitive interfaces allow you to easily establish your journals, account statements, monthly or annual balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. Manage budgets, currencies, and VAT, and export all your data in the format of your choice.

To discover the key features of this module, please download the PDF.