Deadlines Management

Deadlines Management

Take advantage of a detailed schedule with extensive features to manage all your deadlines in a convenient and user-friendly way. Benefit from a total synchronisation with your Outlook calendar, be constantly updated and ready for each of your commitments.

Deadlines Management


This module can be essential for many professions, especially in the legal field where multiple judicial deadlines must be met.

Our ergonomic calendar allows you to easily create all your deadlines. They can be linked, if you wish, to ongoing procedures.

Deadlines can be assigned to multiple people and appear in this case in all the profiles concerned. Similarly, if you decide to sync a deadline with your Outlook calendar, the colleagues involved will also see it appear in their own calendar.

Each time you log in to Agora, a list of your upcoming deadlines is displayed in your dashboard and you can view their details in a dedicated tile. A shortcut also makes it easy to create a new deadline.

The integration of the deadline management with the EDM allows you to attach the relevant documents directly to a deadline. Keep all the elements you need at hand, for example, during a court appointment.

To discover the key features of the “Deadlines Management” module, please download the PDF.