A flexible and intuitive integrated management solution designed to improve your productivity.



Dedicated to the optimisation of your business management, the Agora ERP is entirely designed by our teams of experienced developers and business consultants.

Whatever the size of your company or institution, your sector of activity and the particularities that are specific to it, Agora accompanies you and integrates itself into the heart of your processes by translating your way of doing business into a scalable, innovative and adapted ERP solution.

Based on digital financial, administrative and commercial management tools using the latest technologies, our platform covers all your departments and considerably improves their work processes.

The result is an increase in your company’s performance and profitability.

“Our objective ? To offer you support focused on people and on understanding your expectations in order to provide you with a high-performance and intuitive management software solution.”

A fully modular and scalable platform

Thanks to the multiple modules that make it up and its extensive catalog of standard functionalities, Agora meets the majority of our clients’ expectations.

Most of the requests are easily managed by the configuration of our ERP. However, each company is unique and brings its own set of constraints and operational specificities. In order to answer this question, Agora is perfectly customisable.

Our tailor-made approach and our ability to develop directly in the tool, makes you benefit from a unique solution, adjusted to your activity and your organisation.

The design of a specific module to complement the existing offer is also entirely possible and underlines the scalability of Agora as well as our desire for continuous improvement.

“We are convinced that to be relevant, a solution must never be static, it must evolve and adapt continuously.”

A smooth and fast integration

Successful integration is a major challenge and must be achieved without jeopardising previous investments.

As publishers and integrators of our own ERP solution, we guarantee easy installation and seamless integration with your company’s information workflow and processing systems, such as the Office 365 suite.

If necessary, we also take care of the delicate step of migrating your data from your previous system to Agora.

Benefit from a complete accompaniment throughout each step of your project. We are at your side from the analysis of your needs, during the implementation of the solution and up to training and maintenance.

“By choosing Geste, discover the advantages of having a unique interlocutor; editor and integrator.”

An intuitive and user-friendly interface

A modern software package, however powerful and sophisticated it may be, must offer a coherent environment and provide the most pleasant interaction possible.

Agora’s interface is designed to give you intuitive access to all the features. By developing a user-friendly and ergonomic system that fits your way of working, we ensure an optimal customer experience.

You only use what you really need and minimize errors.

Need to consult your mandates, enter your timesheets or edit your documents at the office but also on-the-go? Our ERP is responsive and accessible from anywhere via your laptop, tablet or smartphone using a simple web browser.

“A quality interface is not just about usability. It’s also about providing something meaningful, having a common goal with the user.”

Your data is precious

Whatever your approach, Agora is available both on premise and in the cloud in a fully secure manner through strict compliance with best practices in security and access rights management.

Our development engineers use secure and proven technologies to build robust software that aggregates and protects your data. They are thus guaranteed to be reliable, up to date and complete.

“Your organisation has specific constraints and security requirements ? We study them together in order to offer you solutions that perfectly match your expectations.”