A comprehensive service offering throughout the implementation of your ERP. We are at your side from design to support without forgetting training.


Maintenance & Support

A maintenance and support service is provided directly by our ERP developers. Available and responsive, they guarantee top quality assistance as quickly as possible.

As soon as your new system is installed, we offer you a maintenance contract that gives you automatic access to our software and database updates. You also benefit from all the improvements we regularly bring to our solution.

Access to our hotline is also guaranteed. During office hours, our specialists will answer any questions you may have regarding the use of the programs or any related issues. In most cases, the resolution can easily be done via our remote handling software without the need for an on-site visit by our engineers. This mode of intervention favors an almost immediate response time.


Specific development

For us, preserving your working methods when optimising your processes is essential.

It is the identity of your company that makes it unique. In order to respect it, if a fine tuning of our ERP is not enough, our team is perfectly able to develop for you additional features directly in the tool.

In addition, we are able to discuss specific software developments with you and submit a proposal for approach and implementation. If required, we can also draft your specifications detailing all the functionalities inherent to your project.

This software can be independent or fully integrated with our Agora ERP. We provide fully customised solutions that are as reliable and efficient as our standard softwares.


Project management

Company-specific advice and personalised support are essential to every project we undertake.

If requested, we can take over the entire management of your project. To achieve this, we use proven methods such as the Scrum agile method. We divide the project into successive development stages, each ending with the delivery of predefined deliverables. These are then tested by users and, once validated at periodic meetings, another sprint begins. The process is then repeated until the project is completed, facilitating a smooth implementation within your organisation.


Personalised training

We provide users with a complete and didactic training that guarantees them an easy handling and a perfect autonomy.

The introduction of a new management tool within a company is not always easy for the employees. It can generate apprehension and resistance to change. In order to overcome this, we systematically train all future users of our software, one module at a time.

Our specialists come to your office, allowing users to receive their training without having to leave their actual work environment. Additional training is also planned when new modules or features are added.


Hosting & Cloud Services

Our ERP solutions are available on site as well as in the cloud, in "license" or "SaaS" mode.

Depending on your wishes and the constraints inherent to your IT infrastructure, you have the possibility to use our ERP Agora either installed on your own server or hosted in our cloud in Switzerland. In both cases, we make every effort to offer a fully secure solution. Also, choose the budget approach that best suits your organisation. Opt for the purchase of licenses or choose our "SaaS" monthly subscription model.